Partners in East St. Louis aims to serve East St. Louis by developing relationships with community members, providing advocacy and volunteering opportunities, and illuminating and combating the effects of structural inequalities in the city.



East St. Louis High Students visit WashU

College Access Mentoring / Tutoring

The purpose of College Access Mentoring is to provide students at East St. Louis High School with the resources to not only get into the college of their choice but also make the most of the college experience. The after-school tutoring program helps the students at East St. Louis High School ensure success in the classroom. Read More






East Side Meat Market Mural

Health Clinic

WashU students are able to volunteer at either the main East Side Health District clinic or the HIV/STD clinic. The purpose of this program is to assist the understaffed administration with immediate needs.  Read More





Voices of ESTL Panel

Voices of East St. Louis

The purpose of Voices of East St. Louis is to make the narratives of individuals who work and live in East St. Louis visible to all. Often times in St. Louis, the stories we hear about East St. Louis are fragments of negative rumors and snippets of sensationalized media stories. Voices challenges the stigma associated with East St. Louis by focusing on the stories and struggles of local community members. Read More



Advisor: Professor Jack Kirkland
 Amy Chen and Chase Latour (2018-2019)