Voices of East St. Louis

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The purpose of Voices of East St. Louis is to make the narratives of individuals who work and live in East St. Louis visible to all. Often in St. Louis, the stories we hear about East St. Louis are fragments of negative rumors and snippets of sensationalized media stories. Voices challenges the stigma associated with East St. Louis by focusing on the stories and struggles of local community members and bringing awareness to the structural racism that affects members of the East St. Louis community in many ways. Washington University students part of Partners in East St. Louis have conducted interviews with maternal health experts in East St. Louis, directors of East Side Health District, East St. Louis Community College Center & East St. Louis High students, senior citizens from Rush Garden Senior Home, and many more. Interviewees ranged from those born and raised in East St. Louis, to those who just recently became involved with the area, to those who had moved away and had come back home.

Through each person we interviewed, we have noted a strong resiliency, ties to a tight community, and pride for East St. Louis. We have seen a lot of hope in the people of East St. Louis and through Voices we share that hope and optimism to everyone.

Check out our Interviews from…

Bond Avenue Fish & Poultry

Brown School of Social Work

City Hall

East St. Louis Community College Center

East St. Louis Senior High School

East Side Health District

New Life Community Church

Rush Garden Senior Home

St. Paul’s Baptist Church